Change.Max – Complex Projects as a Holistic System

Ambitious solutions for challenging demands – my Change.Max System provides high calibre project design for your change initiative, creates new solutions, and builds your employees’ commitment from the very beginning. This is what creates progress.

It is for your advantage that I construct the content development process for the intended changes, e.g. adapting certain processes to new organisational structures, in one seamless approach together employee communication as well as mobilization. The process as a whole is controlled and monitored via classic project management and maps the different dimensions innovatively instead of sequentially.

These comprehensive projects are controlled and monitored together with your team, so that all competences remain inside your company.


tl_files/images/changeMax-english.jpgChange.Max - the Three Dimensions of Process Change

Functional themes, project structures and the design for the phases of the change process are combined to customized units without blending everything together arbitrarily.

Especially attributing certain project packages to their respective level and phase – content structure, overarching project, designing the changes – enables to disentangle unconcepted operations and control complexity, all issues are monitored and attended to. Success in the phase of implementation thus can be planned and safeguarded.